Caroline Hemming was born in 1931 and was brought up on a horse-powered farm, which gave her an early passion for animals, birds, trees and plants.
She now lives in West Cornwall, which is abundant with flowers and wildlife. Her subjects surround her everywhere, in the countryside and in her beautiful garden.
Caroline Hemming began making prints when staying with Lucy Boston at Hemmingford Grey, not far from Cambridge.
Besides being a writer, Lucy Boston was the creator of a magical garden by the River Ouse which has been the inspiration to several of the artists in her circle.
Jim Ede, who founded Kettle’s Yard, was a regular visitor to the manor, and one day he saw a still life by Caroline Hemming pinned to the wall of the dinning room. He asked to be introduced to her, and from that moment he bought one of each print that Caroline Hemming made.
Caroline Hemming has invented for herself the technical devices she needs. She works mainly with engraving tools yet, surprisingly, her natural scale is life size.