Edwards RWA


My work has slowly evolved in recent years from abstraction toward a more specifically landscape based approach (inc Seascape). The paintings remain open and free with abstracted elements but are now more spatial, more elemental. I would hope that they evoke emotional weathers and poetic atmospheres as much as topological features.

I think the paintings roughly gather around two major thematic subjects; oceanography and field studies. The field and the ocean, land and water, simple elements but with such huge emotional and poetic potential that they still exert a magnetic pull for me.

Contemporary Landscape painting has it's doubters and detractors but I believe it remains full of potential, a contemporary exertion of natural forces and spaces that may be at odds with a London-centric urban obsessed media but not with the heritage of Constable and Turner and certainly surely still viable with all those who recognise the power and beauty and grace of nature and humanity's relationship with it.